Polo Shirts

Custom logo polo shirts range alowing you to select multiple decoration locations and methods. Online pricing for both, simple designs as well as complex multi-location and methods combinations for those who need to create a memorable and busy polos.

Custom decorated polo shirts online

Would you like to have the freedom to decide where and how your custom polo shirt will be decorated, instead of being limited to one option? We certainly do. That's why we have created a collection of highly customizable polo shirts!

Available decoration locations on polo shirts

While a horizontal logo on the left chest is the most popular location for decoration, we, as marketers ourselves, understand that achieving higher effectiveness requires more. That's why we offer alternative locations where you can add your logo, message, or anything else:
Collar (left and right) Shoulders (left, right, across both shoulders) Sleeves (right and left) Chest (left and right) Yoke Hips (front and back, hip wrap)
Our easy ordering system allows you to add multiple decoration locations when ordering your custom decorated polo shirt. What else makes us really stand out is that we also offer various decoration methods for locations.

Decoration methods

While embroidery is the most commonly used method for adding logos to polo shirts, we understand that you may be looking for alternative options. Whether you want to save money on decorating a large area or achieve a photorealistic visual effect, we offer a variety of decoration methods to suit your needs. These include transfer printing, apparel sublimation, and digital direct-to-garment printing.