Custom bar mats guide

A bar mat is an effective, budget-friendly method of beverage promotion designed to cover your bar surface while improving custom conversion at point of purchase. These customized counter covers can carry your brand’s unique logo and designs to differentiate your brand from competitor drink products in any setting.

Bar mats have steadily become one of our most popular products when designing promo merchandise for developing and established brands in the soft and alcoholic beverage sector. Our broad selection of bar mats has been refined and added to over the years. It offers you the freedom to find and customize perfect mats that match your every promotional specification and need.

However, finding the right mat without understanding your promotional needs and goals when placing an order can be challenging. This is where we step in with ideation, design and creative commentary, to blurring the lines between promotional merchandise products and related services. Sit back and enjoy this guide on how to better order your next All in One Merchandise bar mat. We’ve got you covered!

Types stocked and specifications

Customizing a bar mat from scratch to fit your brand and beverages can be tricky and time consuming. But don’t be discouraged. Our creative team and easy-to-navigate online design system is here to streamline this process and give you an easy buying experience.

Browse our bar mat breakdown below for an overview of our available bar mat styles, product specifications and customization options as well as relative creative services at your disposal during your design journey. 

Finding your right fit

Now that you’ve explored the options for customizable bar mats, it’s time to narrow down your choices based on a few key variables. Here are some important considerations to help you find the perfect fit:

Design process recommendations

Creating an eye-catching and effective bar mat design is crucial. Here are our recommendations to ensure your bar mat stands out from the competition:

Invest time in the design phase

  • Don’t rush: It’s tempting to just place your logo on a black background and call it done. However, consider how your mat will compete with others on the bar.
  • Think competitively: Your design should make your bar mat the most attractive and noticeable among others

Leverage your brand elements

  • Incorporate branding: Look at your product and brand colors. Think about how these can be transferred to your custom bar mat.
  • Use interesting backgrounds: Consider incorporating shapes associated with your brand, brand colors, location images, or anything else that attracts attention.

Design for visibility

  • Attract the eye: Brighter colors and unusual shapes naturally draw attention. Utilize this knowledge to make your mat stand out.
  • Understand perception: Good design takes advantage of how our brains are wired to notice standout features in our environment. Ensure your mat is designed to be noticed with a clear “call to action”.

Utilize expert help

  • Get professional assistance: Over the years, we’ve handled hundreds, if not thousands, of custom bar mat projects at All In One Merchandise UK. Our team knows what works and what doesn’t.
  • Free design support: If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our in-house designers are always ready to assist you in creating the perfect bar mat.

Closing considerations

Designing a custom bar mat may initially seem overwhelming, so understanding your needs and ultimate vision is a valuable starting point. The insights provided in this guide aim to help you create a bar mat that not only enhances your brand’s visibility but also boosts your return on investment. By narrowing down your choices based on your initial ideas, you’re now ready to move forward and confidently bring your concept to life.

Already have a concept and just need a designer’s touch? We can help with that to. Contact the All In One Merchandise team. We can be as involved as you like, leaving you in control, while helping bring your design to life.

To customize yours, give us a call today. Good luck with your brand’s bar mat project!

Vitalijus Glotovas
Vitalijus Glotovas
Vitalijus Glotovas is a visionary in the world of promotional products and custom-printed merchandise. With his deep understanding of brand development, he has the unique ability to create captivating articles and implement comprehensive strategies that connect with a wide range of audiences. Vitalijus has a proven track record of successful brand launches, meticulous market analysis, and a forward-thinking mindset. As the driving force behind All In One Merchandise LLC, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of corporate branding, leading the company to new heights of success and innovation.


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